Bringing Hawaii to Me

If you haven’t heard, it is FREEZING cold in SoCal right now – yes, normally temperate California is seriously colder than the East Coast… in mid-January! I have awoken to mid-30 degree temperatures the past few days and I’m cold!

So, in an effort to conjure warm thoughts, I put out my Malie diffuser so that the yummy and tropical scent of pikake can waft through our entire living room. (The Pikake flower is a Hawaiian jasmine that is a sophisticated blend of tropical florals and a hint of spice.) I can’t tell you how this has made all the difference. The room actually feels warmer, now. No kidding.

That is just one of the reasons I just absolutely LOVE this line. Inspired by nature in Hawaii, Malie, (pronounced mah-lee-ay) uses only indigenous and local Hawaiian flora in their all natural and organic luxury spa and beauty product line.  If pikake isn’t your scent, you can opt for their jasmine rose, orchid, koke’e, coconut vanilla, or plumeria collection. It is literally Hawaii packaged in a bottle!

I first discovered the line years ago (it was created in January 2004), and as luck would have it, I am working with their amazing PR agency! After I gushed about the line (um, hint hint), the agency hooked me up with a ton of goodies (so THANK YOU, Marla and Sue!)

I can’t recommend this line enough. Choose from perfumes, body creams, body polishes, body washes, liquid hand soaps, linen and room sprays (all organic), or soy candles. It is just what I need to get me through these cold California winters!

For more information, check out their site at


Just a sampling of the available Malie product line


A closer up look


My Malie Island Ambiance Reed Diffuser in Pikake now sits on the fireplace mantle!

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