Elizabeth Gilbert’s Advice

The best advice I can come up with is this: Keep your living expenses LOW. The smaller you live (materially-speaking), the bigger you can live (creatively-speaking). This way the stakes arenโ€™t so highโ€ฆyou arenโ€™t demanding of your passion that it keeps you living a rich life. Then you can stretch and grow with the most possible freedom. This was my strategy in my 20โ€™s, and itโ€™s the reason I worked really hard to avoid all debts, and to keep my lifestyle really manageable. If Iโ€™d been saddled with a big life, I donโ€™t think I ever could have found my way forward to the freedom I have now.


Elizabeth Gilbertโ€™s adviceย for people who want to turn their passion into a career, a fine addition to our ongoing archive of sage advice.

Also see how to avoid work and do what you love.

(โ†ฌ LIVEfromtheNYPL)

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