Pets are Clean and Safe with Come Clean Soap

My friend Yvonne is a serial entrepreneur.

First, she has a very successful blog: Hey Do You ( that has a fierce following of those who want to stay cute, clever, and connected. Second, she is quite the successful social media specialist. I see her jet-setting all over the world for brands such as Ford, Cynthia Rowley, Lyft, and so many others. Finally, as a FIDM graduate and beauty veteran, Yvonne is always tinkering with different product formulations. Her latest launch, Come Clean Soap, is a line of pure soaps that are safe for both humans and dogs.

Yvonne launched the soaps with the dog line. It is created with drops of 100% pure essential oils to repeal fleas and ticks, blended with human grade moisturizing gentle glycerin soap. Plus, once you use a bit of it, you can get to the sweet center – a collectible vinyl toy (for humans only!). There are soaps that feature the American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, American Bull Dog, English Bull Dog, Doberman, Pug, among others. Of course, I got the soap featuring the cute Yorkshire Terrier! Here’s Buster with his soap below.


See the entire product line here: They’re the perfect pet gift!

And… if you don’t have a pet in mind, there are some other fun soaps featuring the latest purses, shoes, etc.

But… how can you not be swayed by these Clean soap-loving doggies below!


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