Toddler Brushing Made Easy

This past weekend we celebrated our little baby’s impending 3rd birthday. It fell on Dad’s birthday so it was really a birthday celebration for both of them. Anyway, we had a blast and I definitely want to shout out to my amazing neighbors to thank them for shutting down our street so 20 or so toddlers could run around freely from house to bounce house and to partake in bubble gun fights and pinata fun without worrying about beach traffic. More on that on a later post!

The reason I’m writing is because we received a wonderful gift from our friends at Bentgo. You may recall I wrote about them here and here. Well, they’ve done it again with another great product that just launched last month: Brusheez! It’s the perfect tool to get your little ones aged 3-7 to brush their teeth and promote good dental habits that will last a lifetime. It’s like my own Sonicare but made especially for little ones! There are 4 different characters that make it so fun and easy to use so that taking care of teeth for your little one will never feel like a chore. The four characters are a giraffe, pony, bear, and crocodile.


My son wanted Snappy the Croc and as soon as it arrived, he thought it was a birthday or Christmas gift that we needed to wrap! After I told him he could use it right away, he was so excited, we were ready to brush teeth right then and there! This adorable electric toothbrush makes brushing teeth a breeze. The set also includes the cute animal protective brush cover, a rinse cup, an extra brush head, and a two-minute timer so that your little one brushes the full two minutes dentists recommend.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves, but this is definitely a winner in our home! We’re looking forward to guaranteed good oral health and perfect smiles all around! Our dentist Dr. Stein will be very happy at our next checkup.

Check it out here: Retails for $34.99.


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