Ready for Magic

It’s December 31st. The last day of 2016.

One of my new year’s goals is to write more and create more, and so, with that promise in hand, here I go.

Many of you may know that I have a meditation practice. It is not as long as I would like but I am faithful about it – every morning before I do anything, I do a 10 minute meditation using the app, Calm. At the end of every session, there is a quote to take you into the day, and this one, appropriately so, was from Neil Gaiman, about promises for the new year. Coincidentally, I later went through my Instagram feed and one of my best friends also posted this quote – clearly an important message since I heard it twice. As you know, that’s how God/the universe works.


So, with that advice in hand, I am set to create a year of magic. We never know what the year will bring, and when I reflect on the beginning of this year, it was a very different place from now.

I remember starting January 1st, 2016… SAD. 2016 was the very first full year that my dad would not be physically on earth. He would not see anything in my life this year. He did not talk to me about anything in my life this year. I could not personally hug him this year. On and on and on – you get it. It was also the first year I would not have my Buster with me in California. My California experience was now missing an integral piece.

But, days move forward. After being displaced from our home for a good part of last year, we returned late this past April, and now we have Ziggy. A cat! He cannot replace Buster but he is still a sweetheart.


So, that’s life. I survived and thrived. We all did! Frankly, now a good year means that those I love survived, too. So, 2016 was a good year because no one close to me died. And I pray for health, happiness, and safety for those I love in 2017, too.

As I begin the new year, I’m excited for new adventures. I will be starting from a new vantage point and hope to expand my marketing consulting practice while living a balanced life as a mom and significant other. I can’t wait to be a more open and authentic person as I pursue projects that are more in line with what fulfills my soul.

I also can’t wait to PURGE. I started yesterday by clearing out a ton of stuff from my car trunk. There will be more as I streamline because I really don’t want to hoard all this junk. As my sister points out, I have beauty products in my closet from 10 years ago! Quite mortifying, really.

Finally, I really do hope to write more. Taking the advice of the same Neil Gaiman with the above insightful words for the new year, all I have to do is start and just keep writing – one word after the other. And finish.


Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s start the magic and surprise ourselves!

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