Bala Shala Baby Yoga

Ever since my baby was 15 months old, we have been faithfully doing baby yoga classes at Bala Shala in Laguna Beach. Along with swim and soccer, it is one of my son’s favorite activities. Staci Bina, founder and owner, is incredible. Not only is she quite the strong and skillful yogini, she is a natural teacher and really makes yoga fun for the toddlers in the class. We love her so much and she has become a dear family friend.

Now that my son just turned 3, he does yoga sequences with me when I do yoga videos at home. He loves to get out both his and my mats, use my yoga blocks and strap, and try to do all these fun moves with me. This baby will be better than me one day. He can almost do a handstand!

Bala Shala, meaning child’s house of learning, teaches the philosophy of Yoga through a variety of fun and engaging tools: yoga poses, games, and activities that promote strength, flexibility, and coordination teaching kids valuable lessons building confidence, inner strength, a feeling of well-being, and mindfulness.

I highly recommend introducing yoga to your youngsters, and of course, with Staci’s attention to kindness, mindfulness, and generosity in addition to the physicality of practicing, Bala Shala is the best.


Blast from the past. Yoga at 15 months old.


Halloween yoga at 20 months old.


We start our class with Miss Mousey. Rub your hands. Sit up tall. Take a deep breath. Ohhhhmmm.


Ahhh! Savasana. Still his favorite pose.


Bala Shala has now moved the Parent and Me yoga classes to the gorgeous boutique, Soul Project! Here are some of our favorite animal poses: Lion, Panda, Horse, and Unicorn.


Doing an L-Dog on Mommy.

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