Leaving a Legacy

Earlier this month, my dear friend Geri Kate invited me to come with her to the annual CHOC Cherishes Children’s Gala at the Monarch Beach Resort, which hosted almost 1,000 of the community’s most prominent residents. I was thrilled to go, not only to support my friend and her family, but also to see the amazing Grammy-award winning Alicia Keys, who was the star act for the night.

As a non-profit hospital, CHOC (Children’s Hospital Orange County) relies on community support to provide leading-edge care for infants, children, and adolescents in this area. CHOC is Orange County’s only pediatric health care system. This year, the gala raised a record $5.1 Million, with the aid of a generous $1 Million gift announcement from the Argyros Family Foundation.

I was ignorant of the Argyros name before this event, but the family was very integral to the success of the evening. Stephanie was one of the gala’s co-chairs, and her father George celebrated his 80th birthday that night. I believe George immigrated from Greece, became a successful real estate developer, a former United States Ambassador to Spain, and former owner of the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Quite a list of lofty accomplishments! His wife Julia, a beautiful lady who reminded me of Joan Collins, was the one who presented the $1 Million gift to CHOC.

Anyway, it left me thinking what an amazing thing that this family can make this incredibly generous charitable gift to the community. Clearly, not everyone will be able to do this in their lifetime. Sadly, there are people that leave their families in debt when they die. I really hope that I will be in the former category and will be this giving one day.

In the meantime, here’s a shout out to some wonderful people who made me look my best that night. Definitely send them some love if you’re in need of their services!


My next door neighbor Morgan Arevalo, a crazy talented stylist, did my hair that evening. I loved my braids and my hair side flower!


The super amazing and professional Erica Kawai did my makeup!


The Monarch Beach Resort outdid themselves with the tent and decor!


Desserts were delicious!


My bidding number for the auction. Alas – it was a bit too steep for me! One day…


A parting gift! A CHOCO bear from Herrington Teddy Bears. I left him on my son’s high chair when I got home, and he was so excited to see him in the morning!


Best of all! The super-talented Alicia Keys, front and center! (Video by @ladygeri)

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