Our Day at the Museum of Ice Cream

So, Forbes Magazine headlined an article in April: “Why L.A.’s Museum Of Ice Cream Is The ‘Hamilton’ Of The Frozen Snack Scene” followed by another article a few weeks later: “Museum Of Ice Cream Is The Hottest Ticket In Los Angeles.

And boy, were they right. Thanks to my friend Lish (who works with Lolli Swim, the super cool swimwear company), I got the heads up on when to purchase during the release of the 2nd round of tickets in Los Angeles (because those first set sold out in a blink). Well, luckily for me, I got in and secured my July tickets in May, and yes, that 2nd round sold out in a blink, too.

But now I can testify that it lives up to the hype. The museum was so fun! Who doesn’t love candy-colored galleries with installations of ice cream-themed art with samples of candy and ice cream as you roam? It was definitely a hit with my 3-year old! And the museum was perfectly made for Instagrammers (cuz there were a ton of those there, too).

Here are just some of the sweet pics we took while we were there. San Francisco, get ready! The installation leaves L.A. at the end of the month and heads up to you in September.


Ahhh… let us in to all the fun!


Waiting in the front lobby and snacking on yummy Dove chocolates.


The infamous Beyonce pose!


See. This is from the Museum of Ice Cream’s Instagram account.


Ice Cream Hotline. Send ice cream ASAP!


In the infamous Sprinkle Pool!

Angel wings in the sprinkle pool


Perfect end to our trip! Eating an ice cream sandwich on an ice cream sandwich swing!

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