My New Hipster Toothbrush

I must have a thing about oral health because I wrote about my son’s toothbrush here, but now I want to let you in on my own newest toothbrush: Quip.

I found out about Quip from a friend of mine and she was so convincing about its superiority that I had to get one for myself!

Ta Da! Check out my sleek, cool toothbrush.


BuzzFeed calls it the “iPhone of Toothbrushes” and Time Magazine named it one of the best inventions of 2016. Dentists and designers collaborated to create the ultimate gorgeous and efficacious toothbrush.

There are two models: a $25 plastic one (either blue or green), and a $45 metal one (silver, gold, black, or copper). I, of course, splurged for the gold one. It is still cheaper than my Sonicare.

It is so super slick but I love that it is an electric toothbrush because I got so sick and tired of using my Sonicare. I was constantly replacing it. My last one decided to just give up on me for no reason at all, even though I barely had it a full year.

With Quip, I don’t have to deal with a bulky brush or wired charger. Quip’s slim design and travel-ready holder makes it very easy to brush your teeth anywhere you are. Another bonus: fresh brush head refills are delivered every 3 months before they become unhygienic and incapable of cleaning — for just $5.

So, friends, join in on the toothbrush fun with me and help me get my refills for free by using this link:

My code is: tricia289014446039

Let me know how it goes!

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