Death Comes In Threes

At the start of a new year, I always get a little nervous because chances are great that someone I know will pass away.

I wish I didn’t feel so apprehensive about this but after experiencing a death of a loved one, it makes me understand that we are not invincible and yes, we will all die someday.

So, on this last day of January, I can say that I already know of 3 deaths in 2019 – 1)  my best friend’s cousin, who was more of a sister to her, and who I considered a dear friend, too, 2) Ry’s best friend’s mom, who attended two of my baby showers, and who I loved dearly, and 3) a dear friend’s dear friend, who passed away suddenly two days before his 51st birthday. RIP to these three great souls.

Life is so fleeting. That’s why this is important.

It is also why I remember and take to heart that we only have one life here, and you should, too.

Make the most of it! Sending much love.



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