A Day in Tangier

If you follow my social media accounts then many of you already know that we spent last Saturday in Tangier to meet up with my niece and goddaughter Kyra who is studying in Meknes, Morocco this summer. The sweet little baby that I used to hold in my arms just turned 21 and is only one year from graduating from the (grueling and rigorous) Air Force Academy (USAFA)! So, what better way to celebrate this banner year with her than in Morocco where she is studying Arabic (her minor)??? I thought so, too.

Tangier IMG_9671

Lucky for me, it is easy to do a day trip to Tangier from Seville. We took a bus from Plaza de San Sebastian, which took 3 hours to go down to the city of Tarifa, a city at the southernmost end of the Iberian Peninsula and across the Strait of Gibraltar facing Morocco. From there, we took an hour ferry straight to Tangier’s port. Easy, breezy.

Tangier IMG_9724

Since we were there specifically to meet up with Kyra, we didn’t have much of an agenda of things to see and do. However, I booked a night at Dar Tanger Medina, which is an authentic bed and breakfast right in the old city. It was perfectly located, and our host Souhaim was above and beyond amazing. I would stay there again in a heartbeat.

Stunning view from the rooftop of Dar Tanger Medina

Tangier IMG_9652Souhaim gave us a map of top sites to see in Tangier, and thankfully, many of them were in the Old Medina and within walking distance from our hotel. We were able to check out a few sites such as Place 9 April, Place Petit Socco, and Mendoubia Park and the markets before we met Kyra to “Rock the Kasbah.”

Gorgeous view from the Kasbah!

After meeting Kyra at the Kasbah, we went to Café Hafa, a landmark cafe perched above the Strait of Gibraltar with the most delicious mint tea I’ve ever tasted! Interesting fact – Tennessee Williams, The Rolling Stones, and many other famous folks have also been here. What’s not to love? Charming spot, delicious mint tea, and a killer view over the Mediterranean to Spain.

After tea, we went to El Tangerino, a restaurant Kyra’s friends highly recommended for her birthday dinner in the main and modern part of the city and across the street from the beach. It was delicious and empty! But, we were there at your typical American eating time. It was only when we were leaving at 9pm were the tables filling up. In fact, the city was totally abuzz that it was impossible to hail a cab.

And that’s that! It is so crazy that we were literally in Tangier less than 24 hours. We were up bright and early the next morning to catch the 7am ferry back to Tarifa, but not before Souhaim gave us a whole bunch of breakfast goodies for our trip home.

Tangier IMG_9708
Advantage of a 7am ferry – catching the sunrise!

It was too quick of a trip but we must return! I seriously love Morocco! Most importantly, happy 21st birthday, my dear Kyra!

Tarifa Facetune_24-08-2019-22-55-48

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