Prost! It’s Oktoberfest!

We made it to Oktoberfest this year – the actual, real authentic Bavarian Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. And it was A BLAST! I’m so glad we made this last minute decision to go – it was a once-in-a-lifetime, check it off your bucket list experience.

We left Saturday afternoon and took a straight flight on Lufthansa from Faro to Munich and arrived around 6PM for the opening day’s evening festivities.

Upon first arriving there, my first impression was that Oktoberfest was merely an amped up Orange County Fair, and it is in many ways.

But upon spending more time there, I realized Oktoberfest is so much more. Where else can one venue provide costumes, spectacular beer tents, over-the-top rides and games, and the clincher: international appeal and presence? Exactly. That is why Oktoberfest is Oktoberfest.


Jax and I were there primarily for the fair, and I am stumped as to why the games and rides get downplayed in the US. It is a SERIOUS children’s venue and Jax had so much fun! Clearly the popularity of the beer tents overshadow the fact that Oktoberfest is one big amusement park and very kid friendly. Yes, you can do a family vacation to Oktoberfest.

But, I do see why the beer tents get so much coverage. They were truly spectacular with live music and tables of people from all over the world converging to drink delicious beer (the best I’ve ever tasted but I am not a beer connoisseur), eat German food including huge pretzels, and just have a grand ole time.

I will let the photos and videos speak for themselves but Oktoberfest is really something you need to experience in person.

We made friends!
One of our favorite “beer” tents. We ate here for breakfast and had the most delicious pancakes.

Best of all, we were finally able to catch up with my friend Christie and her family since they too moved abroad to Europe. We both left from California just months of each other, they to Italy, and us to Portugal, and after almost a year, we finally meet up in Germany!


Hope we can make it back again next year! Prost!

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