Time for a New Book?

Sorry that I have been so bad about updating my blog but I will try to be better.

The reason I’m writing now is I actually want to hear from all of you!

I’ve received so many fantastic comments about my book Whatever – How to Look Younger than Your Actual Age that many of you have asked me to write another one. Seriously, you guys?! I cannot thank you enough for your praise and encouragement!

But this is where I need your help! It was easy for me to write my last book because so many of you actually requested me to write it. Now, what else do you want me to write about? 

I am more motivated to actually write something that people want to read. As my friend Jules told me, it is the Marketing Consultant in me who is used to following up on client requests as opposed to being the more active writer who will write whatever is on her mind. That is probably true. I mention having a servant’s mindset in my book, and I guess I aim to serve.

Anyway, feel free to DM me or share some ideas here and I’ll get my creative juices going.

In the meantime, here are the links for the book again. It is available through Balboa PressAmazon.comBarnes & Noble, and Amazon UK (for my international friends). Link to purchase is here. The E-book version is now available, too. And pretty soon, there will be an audio version available so stay tuned.

Much love always.

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