Our West Coast to East Coast Road Trip July 2018

I realized I never posted our itinerary on the blog. I had merely sent it to our close friends and family via a newsletter, so I thought I’d post it again on here since many of you were interested in how we did our cross-country trip in the first place. So, see below from July 2018. Enjoy!

Hi Friends and Family,

First, sorry if you did not receive the first installment of the email newsletter. I am slowly organizing and hopefully now have most of your emails! 

At this time, we have already left California and are now in Maryland.

We had a great cross-country road trip which took us 9 days.

Since many of you have asked about our itinerary, here it is:

1st day: After spending a whole day packing the house and putting it in storage, we went to Fallbrook to drop off my car and spend the night with Gramma and Papa before leaving the next afternoon!

2nd day: We arrived in Tucson, Arizona… but not before we made a stop at Cracker Barrel (1st of 3 times during the trip) so that Jax was stocked with lots of fun toys like Whoopee Cushions, splat balls, and a magnetic Wooly Willy.

3rd day: We ate the most delicious and cheapest Mexican lunch in Deming, New Mexico, and spent the night in El Paso, TX, eating at another delish Mexican place, Kiki’s (featured on Food Network), via my cousin’s suggestion.

4th day: We spent the day driving through a mostly rainy Texas and spent the night in San Antonio, TX, eating a delicious artisan pizza made directly at an HEB supermarket.

5th day: Yes! The sun is out and we stopped into a Buc-ee’s in Luling, TX (the original) on our way to Houston. Check out more info here. We made it to Houston that afternoon to have an amazing time with Hang, one of my best friends, and her family, and Jax swam until almost 10pm!

6th day: The plan was to drive to New Orleans but due to the Essence Festival, all hotels were sold out! For my movie besties, this was what Girl’s Trip was all about!! We stayed in Slidell, LA, about 30 minutes north, and even that hotel was fully booked. 

7th day: We went through Louisiana, then Mississippi – stopping for one game of bowling (Jax’s first time!) in Diamondhead, Mississippi (btw mommy won because I got back-to-back strikes!), then Mobile, Alabama and Waffle House, and finally spent the night in Atlanta, GA.

8th day: We picked up the Blue Ridge Parkway in Cherokee, NC and drove it for a few miles before we headed back on the highway. But, we must return again – when we have a week or two dedicated simply for touring the Parkway. So gorgeous! We spent the evening in Wytheville, VA.

9th day: Last leg! We finally made it to Nana’s home in Maryland in the late afternoon!

It was a great, cross country road trip and now we’ll be here for a few months to sort out our expiring passports, visit the consulate, and figure out exactly where we’re staying.

Tricia, Ry, and Jax

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