Another White House Christmas!

Jax and I returned from another U.S. Christmas! Thank goodness. We weren’t sure we were going to be able to make it. Jax’s teacher caught Covid at the tail end of the term and he had to isolate although we tested twice and had negative test results both times. Unfortunately, we even had to cancel and postpone Jax’s birthday party. We usually do his birthday party with his friends and classmates just before the holiday break but this year, we couldn’t. Needless to say, Jax was so sad and I of course, was so mad. Not one child in his class had Covid, yet everything was upended. Ridiculous!

But enough of my complaining. I’m just happy we were able to do an international flight out to Maryland to see my family. We were so ready to fly back to the US for a nice break and I’m glad that we had no issues with our flights, Covid tests, or restrictions.

Anyway, unlike previous years where most Executive staff receive an allocation of tickets, Pearl got lucky and received tickets even though she may not have this year. In fact, the White House remains closed to the public and there are no White House interior tours this year. So, she was lucky and so were we: Pearl, Mom, Jax and I scored the opportunity for another White House Christmas tour! So grateful – thank you President and Dr. Biden! It definitely motivated me to shake off any jetlag!

The last time I went on a White House Christmas tour was in 2019. I can’t even recall if the White House was even open to the public last year due to Covid. Regardless, the decor this year was heartwarming and family-oriented as the theme of the White House decorations was “Gifts from the Heart.” It was absolutely beautiful as always. I believe that regardless of which party is in the White House, the administration does a fantastic job of imparting holiday cheer and joy to all Americans and this year was no exception. The decor was stunningly gorgeous and I love hearing the talented US Marine Band play Christmas tunes. Here are the photos (if you haven’t already seen them on my social platforms). Ahhh… home sweet home… I do love a US Christmas.

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