Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month – Filipino-American Singers!

I am always searching for Filipino-American creative artists so that I can show Jax (and inspire him!) So, in honor of AAPI Heritage Month, I've compiled a TOP 10 list of who I feel are the most currently famous Filipino-American musicians. Let's celebrate their influence in the entertainment world! GALING! Please comment below if I [...]

Porto Love

This post is long overdue because we went to Porto on November 1st. November 1st was a national holiday here in Portugal (All Saints' Day) so all schools were closed. It was the perfect time for a 7-hour road trip up to Porto, a city I have been wanting to re-visit since we moved here [...]

A Day in Tangier

If you follow my social media accounts then many of you already know that we spent last Saturday in Tangier to meet up with my niece and goddaughter Kyra who is studying in Meknes, Morocco this summer. The sweet little baby that I used to hold in my arms just turnedΒ 21 and is only one [...]