My Book is Here!

Iโ€™m so excited to announce that I finally finished writing a book and it is here! Thanks to so many of you who encouraged me to share and write how I maintain my youthfulness, I was able (and motivated) to compile them (finally!) in book format:ย Whatever โ€“ How to Look Younger than Your Actual Age.ย  [...]

Penn Momentum 2020

Sometime this past summer my dear friend and occasional work colleague Meesh (who also writes this wonderful blog) asked me if I was available to help her on the tech committee for the Momentum 2020 Planning Committee. Meesh, ever always the leader, is the co-chair on this committee. I, of course, was eager to jump [...]

Leaving a Legacy

Earlier this month, my dear friend Geri Kate invited me to come with her to the annual CHOC Cherishes Childrenโ€™s Gala at the Monarch Beach Resort, which hosted almost 1,000 of the communityโ€™s most prominent residents. I was thrilled to go, not only to support my friend and her family, but also to see the [...]

Ready for Magic

Itโ€™s December 31st. The last day of 2016. One of my new yearโ€™s goals is to write more and create more, and so, with that promise in hand, here I go. Many of you may know that I have a meditation practice. It is not as long as I would like but I am faithful [...]