A Nugget of Wisdom from Highly Successful People

One of my favorite things to do when I procrastinate is read posts like, “Best Routines of Highly Productive People,” “9 Things Successful People Won’t Do,” etc. etc. You get the idea. I’m always hoping for little nuggets of wisdom or insight so that I can be even more productive and successful. It’s my personal [...]

10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon

I can’t remember who sent me this link, but I liked it so much, I wanted to make sure I noted it for future reference. Hence, here it is on my blog! Read the entire piece here: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/07/10-painfully-obvious-truths-everyone-forgets-soon.html In the meantime, here are the 10 Painfully Obvious Truths Everyone Forgets Too Soon The average human [...]

Life Odds?

There are 44,000 days in an average person’s life, and only 20 of them matter. Those are going to determine the family you have, where you live, how much you enjoy your career. Adam Pliska, President, World Poker Tour