Bala Shala Baby Yoga

Ever since my baby was 15 months old, we have been faithfully doing baby yoga classes at Bala Shalaย in Laguna Beach. Along with swim and soccer, it is one of my sonโ€™s favorite activities. Staci Bina, founder and owner, is incredible. Not only is she quite the strong and skillful yogini, she is a natural [...]

Want to Measure Up?

My friend and business school classmate, Meesh, is more than just a bit handy with a saw and paint brush. Check out the โ€œRestoration Hardwareโ€-look masterpieces sheโ€™s created from her Pinterest account when you get the chance:ย Crazy amazing! The woman has talent! Anyway, I am so excited that sheโ€™s officially taken her hobby and [...]