Iโ€™m Now a YAP Accredited Yoga Teacher!

And itโ€™s official!! Iโ€™m now a YAP Accredited yoga teacher! . To say it has been an incredible and enlightening 10 weeks would be an understatement to everything Iโ€™ve learned and discovered about yoga, its benefits, anatomy, and philosophy. This course was seriously one of the best things Iโ€™ve ever done for myself and I [...]

My Book is Here!

Iโ€™m so excited to announce that I finally finished writing a book and it is here! Thanks to so many of you who encouraged me to share and write how I maintain my youthfulness, I was able (and motivated) to compile them (finally!) in book format:ย Whatever โ€“ How to Look Younger than Your Actual Age.ย  [...]

Penn Momentum 2020

Sometime this past summer my dear friend and occasional work colleague Meesh (who also writes this wonderful blog) asked me if I was available to help her on the tech committee for the Momentum 2020 Planning Committee. Meesh, ever always the leader, is the co-chair on this committee. I, of course, was eager to jump [...]



If youโ€™ve read my previous blog post or seen any of my social media posts, you know that I recently attendedย Maison & Objet, which is a tradeshow that boasts itself as the international authority for home decor, interior design, architecture and lifestyle culture and trends. I think the organization may be right on that claim [...]


My friend Gail Cayetano, Partner and Co-Founder of the conscious jewelry line Cayetano Legacy Collection, is a superwoman. I do not exaggerate. Three weeks after giving birth to her second baby, she was moving and shaking as one of the founders and co-creators of The Heart Series Conference, which took place in LA this past [...]

A Nugget of Wisdom from Highly Successful People

One of my favorite things to do when I procrastinate is read posts like, โ€œBest Routines of Highly Productive People,โ€ โ€œ9 Things Successful People Wonโ€™t Do,โ€ etc. etc. You get the idea. Iโ€™m always hoping for little nuggets of wisdom or insight so that I can be even more productive and successful. Itโ€™s my personal [...]

Jo Malone Launches Latest Fragrance: Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Those of you who know me well know that I am a huge Jo Malone fan. Iโ€™m so obsessed with her fragrances that I have more than one huge 100mL bottle. In fact, I own these four scents: 1)ย ย ย  Wild Bluebell (pretty much my daily staple) 2)ย ย ย  Wild Fig & Cassis 3)ย ย ย  Blackberry & Bay [...]