My next Handbago purchase: Bryna Layered Serrano Chocolate Lamb Hobo

So… I was scouting the Handbago website for cool bags that I covet, and I spotted the Bryna Layered Chocolate Lamb hobo, which just released this season.Β Β OK… LOVE IT!! I had never heard of Bryna so of course, I had to investigate! According to the site, BRYNA, based in San Francisco, was founded in 2007 [...]

Handbag Heaven: I’m Collaborating with Handbago!

At the Elle and Blair Cellairis launch event last August, I met the sweetest and cutest woman, Michelle, from Handbago. After exchanging a few twitter e-mails back and forth, we are now collaborating! I’ll be a guest blogger on Handbago from time to time, but I’ll also spread the word about Handbago here, too… because [...]