Craving Longboards Ice Cream

One of my favorite vendors from last week’s opening of the oc mart MIX was Longboard’s Vintage Ice Cream (  Although they’re not a permanent fixture of the MIX, they were there to help kick off the festivities for the sneak peak shopping event and get the good vibe going!

With plenty of flavors of ice cream goodness to choose from, including chocolate, coconut, cookies ‘n cream and mango, stopping by the Longboard’s ice cream truck was one I definitely wanted to make. 

Operating out of a vintage-y surf-feel-looking VW van, President and CEO Mike Stebinger started this operation about 5 years ago.  Now, they are one of those gourmet food trucks you want to keep track of, since, boy, are those Longboard’s ice creams quite yummy! 

Ice cream on a stick with whatever toppings you want.  Mike’s favorite (and the one I ended up eating) is called the “Bar Fight,” a concoction of first a chocolate bar, which is dipped in milk chocolate and then smothered in both pretzels and peanuts – a heavenly mix of salty and sweet.  Delish!  But if that mix doesn’t appeal to you, there are other delicious alternatives, including their most popular, “The Big O,” which starts with a cookies ‘n cream bar, which is then dipped in milk chocolate and topped with Oreo cookie crumbles.

Also, Longboard’s Ice Cream is all natural and they don’t use chemicals that could irritate your belly.  The truck also uses California’s own Ghirardelli milk and dark chocolate.  And since Mike is so speedy when it comes to dipping and rolling the bars, wait time is at a minimum.  Best part?  It’s only $3 for whichever combination suits your fancy! 

Hmmm… I’m craving some ice cream!  Where is that Longboard’s van now?

President and CEO Mike Stebinger, Longboards Ice Cream


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