Saints of SoCal Parties for Purpose

After I went to the oc mart MIX sneak peak shopping event, I noticed that a local charity group, Saints of SoCal, was a big supporter of one of the more altruistic-minded jewelry vendors, 31 Bits.  31 Bits Designs ( is a socially-minded business designed to give internally displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to counter poverty by selling their gorgeous and uniquely-beaded necklaces, bracelets and headbands (must check it out!)

Naturally intrigued, I contacted Andrew Ho, the founder of Saints of SoCal, to find out what the group was all about.  In the back of my head, I thought that maybe I, too, could help their group with my marketing and business expertise, and in turn, do something with a kinder purpose.

According to Ho, “We want to encourage SoCal residents and visitors of SoCal to ‘party with purpose.’  When a socially-oriented brand or organization throws an event we want to help promote it.  There are so many great people doing great things with their brands, so why not just spotlight it.” 

In fact, in just the past few months since their inception at the beginning of this year, Saints of SoCal has helped promote and bring brand awareness to 31 Bits, Krochet Kids, Jedidiah Clothing, Jahub, and DealGooder – all establishments that have charity in mind.   Essentially, Saints of SoCal aggregates well-intentioned artists, brands, charities, do-gooders, and their events in the Southern California region.

More recently, Ho has been working a lot with Collaborative World.  Collaborative World is a clothing company founded on giving.  They give 50% of the profits from all of their apparel sales to partners such as Living the Dream, Someone Cares Soup Kitchen & Tutoring Program and My Broken Palace, charities already making a loving impact in the world.  This upcoming Saturday, February 12th, will be their Collaborative World Hootenanny, an event featuring local bands that will help raise awareness and funds.

Anyway, I’m pulling for Ho and his group.  He’s got vision and knows a ton of people, and by creating this supportive hub, he will hopefully bring more people to help support (and party) with these brands for a greater purpose.


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