Bouncing and Behaving Hair

Last week I got my hair cut.  My hair is so long these days that I’ve noticed my hair has become very dry at the ends. It’s the bad combination of letting my old color highlights grow out to revert back to my true color – au naturel – in addition to using lots of bad hair products that I’ve been gifted for free. It’s good and bad – obviously beauty companies want me to try their stuff and endorse them so I get lots of hair goodies, but often, that means, I have to try some pretty crappy and cheap stuff in the meantime.

Well, the good thing about getting my hair cut is that my amazing hairstylist Natalie at Salon Gregorie’s in Newport Beach, has reshaped my hair into something more manageable, and better yet, she cut off most of my dry ends so I’m back to owning silky, shiny hair! Yippee! More importantly, Nat also gave me recommendations on what I need to use, and wouldn’t you know it, it is the same stuff Duchess Kate (formerly known as that commoner, Kate Middleton) also uses to keep her gorgeous locks as beautiful and bouncy as they are, as just reported by Beautylish!

Kate is a huge fan of Kerastase, and deep conditions and nourishes her hair with Kérastase In-Salon Rituals.To keep her hair glossy and lustrous, she washes and conditions with Kérastase Bain Satin 1 and Kérastase Lait Vital and Kérastase Nectar Thermique. And to get that volume? Kate uses Kérastase Spray Volumactive and Mousse Volumactive, two of her favorite volumizers.  

Well, if these are the products that give England’s future queen her flowing locks, I am assuming they will be good enough for me, too. Actually, I’ve used and loved Kerastase before (they’re part of the L’Oreal group so I used to get them at a discount when I worked there!). But I do recall that they are fantastic products, so clearly, I need to revisit them so I can get consistent bounce and shine again!

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