People Do Change

“I don’t feel that it is necessary to know exactly what I am. The main interest in life and work is to become someone else that you were not in the beginning. If you knew when you began a book what you would say at the end do you think that you would have the courage to write it? What is true for writing and for a love relationship is true also for life. The game is worthwhile insofar as we don’t know what will be the end."  –Michel Foucalt, French philosopher and historian

I found this quote and thought it was interesting. I’m sure there are those reading this that will debate me that you are who you are and “people don’t change.” There are lots of axioms that support this theory – the one that quickly comes to mind is: “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

But, I don’t know about that. I believe that people change. I have found that “life happens” and it gives you a different viewpoint and perspective and teaches you, so how can you not be changed… in what you deem important, unnecessary, or superficial? However, I also believe that you have to be observant, and I mean, really pay attention. Otherwise, you will be making the same mistakes over and over again. Or, essentially, be unchanged.

A friend of mine recently asked me how she could tell if God was teaching her a lesson. I told her that since she intuitively knew that she was being taught a lesson, that was the first step to recognizing something needed to change in her life. I also told her, and I really do believe this, that if you don’t “get” the lesson, it will come back again in various forms throughout the course of your lifetime. Albert Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” True. Did you get your lesson? If not, you’ll continue to make the same mistakes if you don’t change.

That’s why I believe people change throughout their entire life… because they don’t want to continue making the same mistakes that won’t progress them forward. But, you have to be observant, courageous and strong, to make the conscientious decision that you will and need to change.

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