My Latest Skincare Find: Cremo Cream

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the founders of Cremo Cream, a wonderful skin care line consisting of shaving cream (their flagship product), a facial cleanser and a moisturizer.

It all started when Stanford Engineer and white-board inventor Mike Boone (yes, he’s that brilliant!) was not satisfied with the dozens of shave creams he had tried over the years. So what did he do? He, in conjunction with experienced chemists who specialize in skin-care products for extremely high-end, famous international cosmetics companies, created a product that is clearly superior to anything else available!

Now, he and fellow co-founder Kyle Schroeder (a fellow Wharton alum… but also a former Abercrombie & Fitch model! Ahem… Smarts and Looks!) are on the cusp of getting the brand awareness they deserve! They’re slated to get into a huge nationwide drugstore chain, so get ready. Before you know it, you’ll be able to (thankfully) purchase the wonderful lineup of products easily.

I haven’t yet tried the shaving cream as I don’t need it. I gave it to Ry but he hasn’t used it because he has an electric shaver. However, this is the product that started the line, so at some point, I will have to give it a test spin to experience all the raving reviews personally.

But, I have been a faithful user of both the cleanser and the moisturizer since I received my samples about a month ago. I love them both! The cleanser is delicate and light. It deep cleans yet is soap free, film-free/clean rinsing, pH neutral, non-stinging and does not dry out delicate facial skin. As many of you know, I love Cetaphil precisely because of its simplicity, and Cremo Cream similarly feels delicate and light.

The moisturizer is light, quickly absorbed, 24-hour moisture with powerful anti-inflammatory compounds that heals & visibly improves skin. I’ve been using it at night, and it’s great because it’s not sticky or shiny.

At a price of $6.99 for the cleanser, and $7.99 for the moisturizer, it is literally a steal. High end formulas at quite the value price!

For more information, check out the site:

The superb Cremo Product Line: Shave Cream, Moisturizer and Cleanser. There’s also a Women’s Shave Cream available.

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