Channeling Easter Goodness at The Peeps Store

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and Passover week last week!  As we know, this is the season for Peeps, those marshmallow treats that are most notably shaped as chicks or bunnies, although the line has now expanded into different animal shapes that are not just available for Easter baskets.  Peeps, produced by candy company Just Born, are an Easter candy essential (these, and the Cadbury egg, of course).  They’re whimsical marshmallow goodies wrapped into a cute and tasty Easter character. 

Anyway, the first and only Peeps & Co. store opened in November 2009 at National Harbor, MD, and lucky for me, my sister lives there!  So, although it’s a delightful treat and many people wish they could go to a Peeps store, it happens to be her neighborhood store!  

Well, you can just imagine the traffic last Saturday (Easter Sunday eve) when we were there.  The store is exactly how you might imagine:  Peeps in different flavors and characters, Art made from Peeps adorning the walls, one of a kind peep clothing and accessories, stuffed animals all for sale – essentially, a field day of Easter happy.  Check out the photos here and enjoy! And if you happen to be in Maryland, make it a must check out spot.  There’s no other store like it!

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