3rd Birthday Ice Cream Social

My little baby is turning 3 at the end of this month and since it falls during the holidays, we decided to throw the party last Saturday. It was perfect because it happened to fall on my Dad’s birthday, too. I wanted to celebrate both of them because Dad would have been 79 this year.

So, we threw an ice cream themed party during our California cold spell! Ha! Why? Because my son LOVES ice cream, and second, it is his “reward” whenever he goes to the potty. Clearly, we made an exception for this day. Luckily for us, last Saturday turned out to be perfectly sunny and temperate.

During the weeks leading up to the party, I made an ice cream truck photo stand. My family will testify to how determined I was to do this as we retrieved a 60″ empty TV box from Costco and tried to transport this huge craziness on top of the car. Let’s just leave it that it was an adventure with MULTIPLE stops. But, finally, here is the finished product and I’m so proud of it!


Since it took everything out of me to cut, draw, and paint this truck, I ordered this sweet custom happy birthday ice cream banner from Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/384661574/ice-cream-birthday-banner-name-banner so I would not have to do it myself. Well worth it.


Finally, a toddler party would not be complete without a bunch of bubble guns, a bounce house, cornhole, pinata, and fun ice cream-themed party favors for all of our son’s friends. With this, I have to shout out to my neighbors who let me close down our street for a few hours so that 20 or so toddlers could run around freely without worrying about beach traffic (crazy drivers that speed on our adjoining street), but especially to my next door neighbor who let us use her driveway for the bounce house! She is such a generous soul.


It was such a fun day and I will now have to think how I can creatively outdo myself for next year!

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